The XYO Network has released an Smartphone Augmented Reality App to collect Location Data and Gives you COIN for Reward. These COIN you can REDEEM / EXCHANGE as XYO Coins, Bitcoin, Ethereum or other cool Stuff, directly from their Mobile APP:

COIN App by XYO Network

LINK (Works only in Mobile Browser – Open on Android or iOS/iPadOS):

How to Earn with COIN App

Just Follow The STEPS below to Start Earning COIN / XYO


STEP 1 (optional – not needed)
Order your FREE SentinelX Device
(Required for location verification)

Download the COIN App
( Link only works on Smartphones )

SignUp with your EMail, choose a nice Passwort and you can start earning one of the fastest-growing crypto-currencies called XYO.

How COIN App works

COIN App verifys GPS / LOCATION Data from your Smartphone. Anonym, of Course. They don’t send any personal Information about you.
You just start the COIN app and walk or drive with your BIKE. On your Smartphone you can see how much you earn while Just Walking. NICE 🙂 …

By Clicking on You Balance, you can View What you can Redeem for your COIN InApp Token. When i was writing this Article the Reddemable Things are, XYO Coin, BTC, ETH, A Silver GEOMINING COIN, a T-SHIRT and a BASECAP. Realy Cool Stuff…

COIN App by XYO Network

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